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[PING-0018] Sandbox DJ

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01. Mushroom Games / Nacky
02. cumulonimbus / STC
03. Banana Break / Nacky
04. trb / 908
05. Detia-G / aym
06. Strawberry Hunter / Nacky
07. attack / 908
08. Edge of Fire / Nacky
09. Reel / STC
10. Sliding Elevator / Nacky

Date: 2005.08.14
Price: 1000円

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  1. Tack Svärd! Så snällt av dig! Kul att du tittar in! Jag har bara haft frillan i typ 2 veckor så det är ganska nytt! hehe..men känns gutt fattuskk!Hir mår du?

    Comment by Ollie — 2016/7/6 水曜日 @ 6:26:03

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  5. I think I’ve figured out who the special guest is for Wednesday. Bad Ree.lioniHgre’s why: The members all went to school at El Camino Real High School (hench, El Camino Real High School Cheerleaders). They start their ’30 year tour’ the following day in Anaheim.You heard it hear first.

    Comment by Lynell — 2016/9/8 木曜日 @ 15:38:19

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  7. Dans ce cas-là, lorsque Christophe écrivait plus haut « elle est vraiment minuscule c’est vrai », il faut espérer qu’il parlait réellement de la chevêchette … !

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